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The EU Lobby Bot is an algorithm which helps citizens who have questions or proposals to Members of the EU Parliament to identify MEPs who are working on the issue of their interest. Apart from identifying the most suitable MEPs it searches for their contacts at different platforms and suggests them to users.

Together with the city of Nantes, The Institute of Innovative Governance, Nantes Jeunes and European Digital Development Alliances we engage young people into using the platform.


The Lobby Bot is your time saver. You can find a right MP faster than searching him or her in the internet

User Friendly

Lobby Bot is inclusive and accessible for everyone


To Inform

To inform young people about the benefits of the information and communication technologies and the opportunities of online and offline political communication

To Engage

To engage more young people into the EU politics that they can actively influence the decision-making

To Change

To fight euroscepticism among young people in the EU by establishing easy and efficient communication between the EU and young people

About Us

The Institute of Innovative Governance is an independent think-tank which contributes to the development of social innovations which benefit all people with emphasis on most vulnerable groups. Human rights-based approach is the guiding principle for IIG’s projects and research.

European Digital Development Alliances influences EU digital and tech policies to reduce digital divide within and outside the EU.

Nantes Jeunes is a leading French NGO which aims to promote social innovations and active citizenship of young people in Europe.